5 Tips for Maintaining Your Transmission Properly

Every driver knows that good maintenance of the transmission increases the lifespan of the car. This is one reason you will find many of them believe that regular service of the transmission is very important as it also reduces major mechanical issues. Below are some tips for maintaining your transmission properly.

Service the Transmission Regularly

A thorough servicing of the transmission should be done on a regular basis or as per the owner’s manual. This is when the filter and the transmission fluid should be removed as old fluid gathers particles that can lead to wear and tear over time. When you notice that some parts of the transmission are having issues, make sure that the problem is eliminated immediately as this might be even more expensive for you in future.

Checking the Fluid

Prolonging the life of the transmission involves many smaller steps with regular checking of transmission fluid being one of these steps. The fluid should not be overfilled; it should not be low and should not be dirty. Checking on the fluid can help in determining an upcoming problem that is why you should ensure that you can tell a fluid that is in perfect condition and one that is not. This fluid assists in the perfect working of the transmission at large as it helps in lubrication and cooling of parts. Overheating is one of the biggest enemies of the transmission.

Maintain the Car’s Cooling System

The cooling system of the car should always be in perfect working condition to avoid overheating which is one of the worst enemies of the transmission. This can be caused by racing, driving in stop-and-go traffic when the temperatures are too high and towing a heavy load. Apart from having an external transmission cooler, one can ensure the cooling system is in order by doing a thermostat check, checking the coolant levels, doing the radiator cap pressure test and replacing the antifreeze among others.

Do not Drain the Transmission Fluid, Flush it

Throughout the life of a car, the transmission fluid has to be changed from time to time to enhance operations. One can opt to flush the transmission system or drain the fluid using the drain plug. Car experts advise car owners to flush the entire transmission as this technique is not only faster, but old fluid is completely flushed from the system before the new one is refilled avoiding contamination. During draining, some of the transmission fluid is left inside the internal parts which is dangerous to the newly refilled fluid as it contaminates it.

Always ensure that the engine is accurately tuned as it works hand in hand with the transmission. The operations of the transmission can be disrupted by a problem with the engine giving you more reasons why you should take care of the engine. Experts confirm that the transmission will have less strain and will last longer without major mechanical issues when the engine is in perfect order.

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