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You Can Enjoy Numerous Benefits by Choosing Twin Transmission

For diagnostic testing and repair, as well as customer service, we stand apart from the competition. For transmission rebuilds and other transmission repair services in Weddington, NC, and the surrounding area, Twin Transmission is the number one source.

Over time, vehicles begin to wear out. When this happens, a variety of problems can develop. As a prime example, when valves deteriorate, you can expect something to wrong with the transmission. Before this turns into a major and expensive repair, bring your vehicle to us for a professional diagnosis.

Over the past 30 years, we have worked hard to build a reputation for being the best. Today, our mechanics service 1,000 transmissions a year. This shows you just how dedicated we are to the Weddington community.

Every mechanic that works at Twin Transmission boasts years of experience, as well as extensive training. In addition to having a positive experience when our mechanics make repairs to your vehicle, you will enjoy being treated as the valued customer that you are by the front-end staff. After all, your satisfaction is our number one goal.

Although people come to Twin Transmission because of the superior work we perform, they also love the incredible warranty we offer. For this industry, most transmission shops offer a two-year warranty that covers just 24,000 miles. We are different in that our customers receive a three-year warranty with unlimited miles. That means you enjoy one additional year of protection at no charge.

No one wants to deal with transmission troubles. Not only does this put you out of commission as far as having reliable transportation, it often leads to costly repairs. To make things easier, we offer 0% financing, as well as special payment arrangements that are based on your budget.

Twin Transmission is a popular choice because we provide our customers with amazing incentives. Simply browse our website to learn more about the current $200 incentive. When researching customer feedback online, you will find positive comments pertaining to our repairs, customer service, warranty, and incentives.

Unfortunately, a significant number of people get caught up in a “bait and switch” scheme. With this scheme, people are quoted a price for transmission repair that seems reasonable, but when they have the work done and go to pay, the price is much higher. To put you at ease, all of our pricing is upfront. Because of that, there are never any surprises, such as hidden fees.

Throughout our existence, we have served literally thousands of customers in the Weddington, NC, area. We would love the chance to help with your transmission repair, as well. You will not be disappointed – guaranteed.

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