Transmission Rebuild

Tips for Preventing Transmission Problems

By learning some of the basics of your vehicle’s transmission, you have the opportunity to avoid major and expensive repairs. For any transmission repair in Weddington, NC, and the surrounding area, it is important that you have your vehicle checked by a reliable and trusted company, like Twin Transmission.

When you choose to have one of our qualified mechanics perform diagnostic testing on your vehicle, the exact problem will be identified. No matter what the issue is, we will provide you with an honest quote and, if wanted, our mechanics will make all of the necessary repairs. In addition to transmission rebuilds and repairs, we handle a variety of other service-related problems.

The best way to avoid a major repair on the transmission is with a professional diagnosis. However, you can also take a proactive approach by watching for warning signs that would indicate a problem. For example, look where you park your vehicle. If the transmission is leaking, you would notice a pool of dark-colored fluid. Especially with rebuilt transmissions, this is common.

Regularly changed transmission fluid is essential. Although there is a schedule recommended by every automotive manufacturer, you actually want this done more frequently. The reason is that when transmission fluid is changed, just 65% is removed. The goal is to keep the fluid at the right level as well as clean and fresh. When transmission fluid gets old, it will burn and no longer lubricate parts as required.

One thing you want to avoid is trying to shift your vehicle into park or reverse while still in forward motion. Immediately, you would hear a grinding sound. You should also never force the gears of your vehicle to shift. As a reminder when you are in a hurry, get used to keeping one foot on the brake when shifting. That way, the vehicle is completely still before you change gears.

Transmission problems are normal for all vehicles, regardless of the make or model. Therefore, if you suspect that something might be wrong, we encourage you to come see us at Twin Transmission for a proper diagnosis. Of course, it is also important for you to look for the signs of trouble mentioned.

Remember, at Twin Transmission, we want you to leave as a satisfied customer. To ensure that, everyone goes above and beyond to make you feel comfortable. Our mechanics possess the necessary skills and experience for dealing with any transmission repair in Weddington, NC.

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