Transmission Repair

Some of the More Common Issues with Transmissions

At Twin Transmission, we prove that outstanding transmission service at a fair price is still offered today. For any transmission repair need in Weddington, NC, and the surrounding area, you can have confidence that our mechanics will perform superior diagnosis and repairs.

Regardless of the type of vehicle that you drive, you can expect that something will go wrong with the transmission someday. Although you can always have us perform diagnostic testing to determine if a problem does, in fact, exist, there are telltale signs of trouble that you can use to identify an issue, as well. Remember, the sooner the problem is spotted, the faster you can have your vehicle checked by our Weddington, NC, area mechanics at Twin Transmission. That way, there is a good chance that a small problem will not turn into something major.

  • Leaking Transmission Fluid – One of the most common of all transmission problems is leaking fluid. Therefore, check the ground where you park on a regular basis, looking for any pooled fluid or dark stains. Typically, this is the result of a worn valve, which can easily be replaced.
  • Slipping Transmission – You might also experience gears that slip when driving. As imagined, this can make it extremely difficult to get from one place to another. This problem is one that you need to have repaired quickly.
  • Jerking Transmission – Something else can happen is that when taking off, the vehicle will jerk or stutter. The cause of this is inadequate power to the wheels. With a proper diagnosis, our mechanics can confirm the problem and have the repairs made in a timely manner.
  • Illuminated Check Engine Light – The first thing most people think of when the check engine light comes on is that the engine is failing. In truth, this illuminates for a variety of reasons, some minor. If your check engine light comes on, bring it to as at Twin Transmission so that we can take a look to see what the issue is.
  • Turning with Difficulty – Sometimes, a vehicle will not turn properly, even if the wheels are turned. If this is something that is happening with your vehicle, you will have trouble parking and driving.

To prevent a small problem from becoming big, you definitely want to pay attention to the warning signs mentioned or have one of our skilled mechanics perform diagnostic testing. After a problem has been identified, we can have it corrected in no time with all work guaranteed.

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