Ways Transmission Diagnostics Are Important to You

Transmission diagnostics are very important since they are the only way of finding problems with your vehicles transmission. Problems may surface in a number of different forms including hard or slipping shifts, dashboard indicators, strange noises and poor performance. Since there are a number of transmission problems which can be corrected easily, accurate diagnosis is essential. Nobody wants to pay for a brand new transmission when there is an inexpensive solution to fix their current transmission right?

If your transmission is giving trouble you need to visit a professional in transmission repair, Weddington, right away. But how do you know which service to go with? Given below is some information regarding transmission services and how to choose the right one.

It’s common knowledge that the shop will need to have code scanning tools in order to properly diagnose any transmission problems. But there are a number of other tools available too which can help effectively troubleshoot computer control and other electronic issues. The repair shop you choose must have these tools. What are they? Let’s take a look:

Transmission code scanner

Scanning transmission codes are essential when diagnosing transmission trouble. The information gathered help in figuring out the cause of the trouble. There are two categories of transmission problems, electrical and everything else including mechanical and hydraulic issues. Every problem can produce an error code but using the literal meaning of the code usually results in misdiagnosis. The only codes which define malfunctions reliably are the electrical circuit codes. All other definitions should be taken with a grain of salt.

Specialized diagnostic test tools

Most vehicles today have computer controlled transmissions. Data gets collected from a number of sensors on the transmission and engine as well as calculations that are made from controlling shift firmness and timing. They don’t use vacuum modulators to control the operational attributes. The functioning of such elements is handled now by electronic speed sensors, mass air flow sensors, and throttle position sensors. Code scanners can pick up on malfunctions in the electronic speed sensor too. But they can’t detect problems reliably when it comes to throttle position sensors or mass air flow sensors. Most equipment is completely useless when it comes to solving complex problems. Many of the error codes today are caused by problems in adaptive shifting. Standard scanners can easily misdiagnose these problems. There are some specialized diagnostic test tools which allow technicians to independently operate the transmission. They can monitor signals from the computer as well. They make it easier for technicians to diagnose complex problems with the automatic transmission, computer or wiring harness.

Specialized electronic diagnostic interfaces

Transmission problems may sometimes occur intermittently. In such cases, they may be difficult to diagnose. It’s useful to have specialized electronic diagnostic interfaces attached to the transmission when such problems occur. This will need you to drop your vehicle off at repair facilities and let them drive it with the equipment. If the problem only occurs after a few hours of driving, you will have to pay for an extended diagnosis.

One last thing, remember that you should always be present while the diagnostics are being carried out. This will help you understand what they are doing and will also make it harder for them to cheat you. Then again, if you are at a reputed transmission repair service, you will not have to worry about this anyway.

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